Turkey 2008

Lycian Nappes, Taurides, CACC






In September and October 2008 I spent 6 weeks in Turkey working on several projects we are running. For my own research in western Turkey I spent a week sampling Oligocene and lower Miocene sediments for rotation analysis in the Lycian nappes, with the help of Inge, my girlfriend. After that I enjoyed two days in the field with Quarternary geologists from Newcastle, sampling the Kula volcanics for magnetostratigraphy and correlation. Over a week of sampling followed, with Ayten Koc, one of the PhD students I am co-supervising. The last two and a half week of the trip concerned analysis of the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex, with Come Lefebvre and Reinoud Vissers, work in a supradetachment basin on the CACC with Eldert Advokaat, and finally a reconnaissance trip with Reinoud to the Alanya nappes and the Taurides for a new PhD project that we will propose this winter. Below you find the usual picture gallery of this trip :).





In the Lycian nappes, Inge Loes ten Kate helped me out with sampling for a week, which was great obviously :)










...and the sampling was as usual, you've seen this before...but it's always nice!














...Inge turned out to be a pretty good drillslave :)


































I didn't have to do much as you see :)










...ok, a little bit sometimes :)











During a walk in a beautiful gorge in the Lycian nappes

















...with spectacular scenery





























After my week in the Lycian Nappes I drove to Kula to meet up with Darrel Maddy from Newcastle University, UK. We coincidentally met in Kula last May and it turned out they could use some polarity information of the Pleistocene Kula basalts...so I went over there for two days to collect some rocks for pmag analysis.























Spectacular sill into Pleistocene rocks from a volcanic neck of the Kula basaltic system











...OK, back to the mountains!












..The next week I met up with Ayten Koc, one of the PhD students I am co-supervising, to collect paleomagnetic samples in the Miocene sediments of the Manavgat, Mut and Beysehir basins.









...Those sediments crop out on top, and on either side of the central Taurides...which give spectacular landscapes









I guess we found a dinosaur...











...The Mut basin is a very peculiar basin...horizontally bedded Marine middle Miocene at an elevation of 1800 m above sea level...










Ayten, sampling redbeds in the Ilgin basin









The weather was pretty bad from time to time, so you can imagine what the inside of this car looked like...











This little bug was at the wrong time at the wrong place...









See? :)












Then I drove to the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex, an altiplano at 1000 m elevation with beautiful skies...












Some more, can't get enough













Upon arrival in Kirsehir, I had to wait for hours and hours for Come to arrive...he had been stuck in the mud and had to wait for a tractor to set him free :)







Come, studying marble...










With some REALLY big garnets









Coin. Garnet for scale :)









Come and Reinoud, discussing isoclinal folds in calcsilicate rocks









(Post?)-Eocene thrust of the metamorphic series over Eocene redbeds in the basin in the south of Kirsehir









Come, collecting samples for metamorphic petrological, and microstructural analysis














Nerds, looking at rocks with a handlense :)








Come, lost :)










Nice folds in calcsilicate








Within the context of Come's research, Eldert Advokaat carried out a MSc project, in which he mapped out a pre-Lutetian supradetachment basin (we think): the Ayhan basin near Hirkadag.









...which underwent post-depositional folding (here a surface trace of a dipping antiform, plunging down left.)











Reinoud and Eldert drawing outcrop











Thrust of basement (in yellow) over the basin sediments (in red)









Finally, Reinoud and I went to the Taurides to pilot a new PhD project. Along the road in the Ulukisla basin, south of the CACC we ran into a few nice pillow lavas :)










Isoclinally folded marbles in the Alanya nappes...









...and nice lunch localities in those same nappes











Gorge in marble














...small scale thrust tectonics in radiolarites of the Antalya nappes, underlying the Alanya units







The Taurides are mainly CaCO3...with spectacular landscapes




















Window in a thrust sheet












And poor wheather in the Alanya nappes :) More about this next year!